Today, government legislation aims to reduce landfill across all states by reprocessing more domestic, commercial and industrial waste.

At Rock ‘N Rubble we recycle and process building rubble at our in-house licensed sorting facility.  We crush and screen concrete, sand and gravel, separating plastics and metal  for recycling.

We accept the following incoming concrete and rubble...

  • Clean Sand
  • Clean Concrete
  • Clean Concrete with Rio
  • Oversized Concrete with Reo
  • Mixed Concrete, Bricks and Sand
  • Builders Waste

We can provide Skip Bins to collect the rubble.




  • Class 1 Inert Material only (non hazardous-non biodegradable)
  • Concrete & Bricks
  • Sand & Soils
  • Rocks & Gravels
  • 10% timber only within the clean incoming concrete waste


  • No Asbestos, No Liquids eg. Paint, Oil.
  • No Food Products, No Chemicals, No Batteries.


PLEASE NOTE: Rock and Rubble Solutions reserves the rights to refuse any loads, and any load suspected of containing contaminants will be turned away.



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