At Rock N Rubble Solutions we produce the following products:

  • GP1: <13mm Cracked Pebble, Hills Gravel
  • GP2: <18mm Cracked Pebble, Hill Gravel
  • SP2: Road Base - Blended Recycled Concrete & Hills Gravel
  • SP3: Concrete Drainage Material ~ 30mm to 40mm
  • SP4: Hills Gravel Roadbase < 8mm (Ferricrete) 

Our blended road base is a recycled product with excellent compaction qualities.

The hills gravel has natural dust suppression, making it perfect for landscapers and gravel driveways.

We produce a superior product because we crush and screen the material ourselves at our Armadale facility.


Home Delivery

Gravel and Road base is home delivered via a 5 tonne or 12 tonne truck.

We can deliver in small amounts from 2m3.

Delivery costs for the 5 tonne truck is $50 within a 10 km radius from our yard in Armadale. If further delivery is required, please call for a quote.

(Please do not arrive at our yard with a trailer. We only do home delivery for retail customers).


We have special rates for account holders. Please call for details.


product 8mm hills gravel ferrocreteSP4: Hills Gravel Roadbase (Ferricrete) < 8mm
$80 /m3

product 13mm cracked pebble stoneGP1: Cracked Pebble < 13mm
$95 /m3

product 17mm cracked pebble stoneGP2: Cracked Pebble < 17mm
$95 /m3

product recycled concrete roadbaseSP2: Road Base
(Recycled Concrete + Hills Gravel)
$50 /m3

product recycled drainage stoneSP3: Drainage Material, 30 - 40mm
(Recycled Concrete )
$50 /m3


Gardening Projects

Here are some application ideas with our Gravel product...

Gravel Ideas Road VergeGravel Road Verge Before and After
GP2 - Cracked Pebble

Gravel project firepitGravel Firepit
GP2: Cracked Pebble

Gravel project pathwayBackyard Gravel Pathways
GP1: Cracked Pebble and SP4 Hills Gravel Roadbase (Ferricrete)

Gravel project pathwayGravel Road Verge
GP1: Cracked Pebble

Gravel project shed floorGravel Shed Surround
GP1: Cracked Pebble

Gravel project stepsGravel Steps
SP4: Hills Gravel Roadbase (Ferricrete)