Gluon is basically a Glue that will bind any soil. It is a sand and road dust suppressant and sabiliser.

Like with all binding, the better the material grade is, the better these products will work.

The process is like any water binding steps, but with the Gluon added in. The more Gluon you use the better the result.

It is used for gravel roads, BMX jump tracks and gravel yards.

You can buy Gluon with your Gravel and Roadbase from RockNRubble.


pdfProzyme Gluon Soil Stabiliser Brochure

pdfGluon 500 Road Pavement Stabiliser Brochure

pdfEnvironmental Assessment of Gluon 900

pdfGluon900 Safety Data Sheet


Roadbase Binder Armadale Perth

John Dunn BMX Track, Armadale

Gluon was used with the John Dunn BMX track with RockNRubble roadbase and gravel. A 1/3 mix was used to build the BMX tracks during compacting and shaping. Then using a broom, lightly brush the surface to open the surface pores and run a top coat over the lot.


JohnDunn BMXtracks Kelmscott

JohnDunn BMXtracks Perth